Filter Bag change at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey

Airtec Filtration were approached by the Guernsey Hospital Estates Department to initially supply replacement filter bags for their incineration plant within the clinical waste department.

During the quotation stage of the filter bags we also advised that not only could we do a like for like filter bag we could offer an upgrade on the current media giving them enhanced levels of extraction and longevity of the filter bags we also provided the hospital with a quotation for the installation of the filter bags and service to his filter plant. To keep the costs down we sent one of our engineers instead of a team and with the expertise of our engineer and the assistance from their Estates department we managed to keep time downtime to a minimum of 3 days this helped to avoid a backlog of clinical waste.

“The service provided by Airtec Filtration was excellent. They arrived exactly when they said they would and completed their tasks with the minimum of disruption. The Airtec Engineer was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We would have no hesitation in recommending Airtec Filtration to other organisations.”

Mark Palfrey States and Facilities Manager
The Office of the Committee for Health and Social Care
States of Guernsey

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Princess Elizabeth Hospital

HP Pelzer

"This installation has reduced fume in the working environment and made the workplace a more pleasant place to be"

Please find details of our latest fume extraction installation at HP Pelzer. This system is designed to extract problem fume from the heat press before it can become airborne. The two hoods provide Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) at the R.A.T and discharge the fume to atmosphere via an extraction fan and galvanised mild steel duct system.

HP Pelzer HP Pelzer

Airtec Filtration Helps F1 racing

Airtec Filtration gets all the good jobs !

Marussia virgin F1 Racing Team
Marussia virgin F1 came to us with a problem; they needed abespoke carbon fibre machine shop extraction system and airtec filtration raced ahead of the competition to offer the right solution to this problem.
We were given the opportunity to see first handwhat goes into a formula 1 racing car.
The part we were most interested in was the body shop were operators finished off all the carbon fibre parts for the cars by hand.
This process generated a lot of harmful carbon fibre dust whichwe needed to control.One of the problems we face was getting the pipe work from the extraction unit into the workshopthat was situated in the heart of the building this was a problembecause the customer wanted us to locate the extraction unit outside,and being a clean and sleek formula 1 factory they wanted the pipe run to be almost invertible.
We like a challenge at airtec so we found a way to run the pipe under floors and through ceiling voids without compromising the performance of the system.
After this the rest of the system was designed using or network of knowledge, experience and suppliers.We installed one of our own AFC Reverse jet dust extraction units and coupled it with 2 down draft benches, flexible Nederman extraction arms and added on tool extraction to the tools and machines used by the operator keeping that part of the factory as clean as the rest of it.
Another job well done by the airtec team

Marussia f1 team

Halo Medical - Airtec Filtration designs Dust and Fume Solution

Halo Medical devices

HALO Medical Devices innovates Tools for therapists in the areas of Elite Sport,Paediatrics, Orthopaedics,Rehabilitation 
About Halo

The problem the company facedwas all the equipment they used to make the shoe products had independent integral extraction systems that cost a lot of money to run independently and did not work effectively.

Airtec Filtration Ltd installed two systems on site a small and efficient eight cartridge unit to service one production line and a larger sixteen cartridge unit to service the main production line.

As it was a live site we had to work around production demands and not cause any disruption as the company has a lot of orders to fulfil,we achieved this by communicatingwith the staff on the shop floor and working until the wee small hours, allowing us to get the most disruptive work done out of hours. 

Bespoke dust and fume solutions are our forte...

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BCMY Case History NEWS

Airtec Filtration Ltd successfully provided a bespoke solution for one of its customers
The company dismantles toner cartridges from laser printers and recycled the separate, The toner ink was the toxic part of this process and needed to be controlled by our system design.
The customer requested booths where made and asked us to supply the extraction unit (AFC unit with a VSD drive) and duct package The VSD unit was used because not all the booths are used at the same time and the company had to make efforts to save energy to comply with its ISO regulations.

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BCMY Case History

Aerogem Dust and Fume Solution News

Aerogem dismantles rolls Royce jet engines to recycled the metal parts and needed a bespoke dust and fume solution to remain compliant with current extraction legislation
Airtec Filtration Ltd supplied them with an AFC Cartridge filter with a 30KW fan and VDS drive system we designed.

They have some large booths with fans mounted on top extracting the contaminated air straight to atmosphere but this was found to be in breach of environmental law so they needed to filter the air first.
We removed the old fans and ducted the 2 booths into our extraction unit.

With a high risk of explosion we had to install a anti spark trap and a "explosion damper" to keep the people working inside the booth safe in the event of an explosion.

The installation was a success securing us with further orders for another two units (the same size)to convert 4 more booths.

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Aerogem Dust and Fume Solution

Recent Installations of Airtec Filtrations

Airtec Filtration Ltd recently provided a conversion to a local BlueChip customer we have maintained for many years with a VSD conversion to the Dust and Fume system.

The next result was a 14 month payback and the promise of consistent energy savings on the system Installed.
30% or better can be achieved with the Installation of a ABB Drive system and takes less than a day to install on your system.

If you would like further Information about our VSD conversion service please contact Andy Rawsthorne to arrange a site visit and Energy Saving calculation report 00 44 1744 733211

Recent Installations of Airtec Filtrations March

Fettling Booth For Dennis Eagle Blackpool

Airtec Filtration Ltd installed a New Fettling Booth for Dennis Eagle in Blackpool. We designed and installed a bespoke fettling booth increasing productivity and reducing the need for PPE requirement which can often cause excess stress for operators.
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Dennis Eagle

Caterham F1 Racing Team

News travels fast in F1! After the great job we ,done for marussia virgin F1 racing Caterham approached us with almost the same problem.
Quick to respond we designed and installed a system we knew that would work perfectly using one our own AFC Reverse jet cartridge filters and added yet another satisfied customer to our extensive portfolio.
Another job well done by airtec team.

Best wishes to both teams for
the forthcoming season...

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Caterham F1 team


Mondelez portfolio features nine billion-dollar brands:
Cadbury, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Milka chocolate, Jacobs coffee, LU, Nabisco and Oreo biscuits, Tang powdered beverages and Trident gum. In addition, they also have a portfolio including another 52 brands which each generate annual revenues of more than $100 million.
Airtec filtration was given the opportunity to solve a dusty problem with a food mixer that was used to mix the cream in Oreo biscuits.
The problem was when the operator was adding the sugar to the mixer they experienced a plume of dust which needed to be controlled.
The unit we quoted Mondelez was one of our own AFC reverse jet units.With a filter area of 184m2 of antistatic polyester needlefelt cartridges and a 5.5kw fan achieving 5,400m3/hr @ 2,500 pascals.
We faced a few challenges with this application one being the mixed tilted backward and forward so hard pipe ducting would not be suitable.
To get over this problem we used food grade smooth bore flexible hose for the final connection this did the trick and the system worked very efficiently and the uncontrolled dust was removed from the operators breathing zone.
Another job well done by the airtec team.


Lancaster University

Lancaster University

Airtec filtration has extensive knowledge and all the kit to fully refurbish extraction equipment.
This was put to the test when set a challenge by Lancaster University to bring back to life 4 UMA 150 extractors that had rotted over the years as a result of being kept outside.
During the site visit, we made a plan to keep the Labourites open for the scientists by only removing 2 units as a time and replacing them with 2 of our hire units keeping disruption to the important works going on to a minimum.
The extractors were in a really poor state so we decided, to keep the refurbished units in good condition; we would fabricate and install shelters to go around and over the units keeping the elements at bay.
After a lot of extensive refurbishment, the extraction units were returned as good as new with no rust or holes and a shiny new paint job much to the surprise to the customer who didn't believe they were the same units.
We put all 4 back into place and installed the shelters to keep them working well into the future.
Another job well done by the Airtec team.

Airtec Filtration

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