BioCool Evaporative Cooling Systems providing Creative Innovations to Comfort and Air Quality

BioCool Evaporative Cooling Systems

Of all the climate control systems available, evaporative air cooling provides the most energy efficient temperature relief for large industrial spaces, factories, and warehouses.

Whereas traditional ventilation systems relying on introducing ambient air become limited during the warmer summer month’s evaporative coolers provides direct cooling of the incoming air.

Taking many years of experience in both product and market needs, the BioCool system encompasses all aspects necessary to provide the perfect solution for efficient air conditioning through evaporative cooling.


Sometimes nature puts at our disposal, resources that make our life more comfortable whilst helping to minimise our impact on the environment. The evaporative cooling process is present in the natural world, in places close to the water such as waterfalls, lakes, and oceans and even on human skin.


AS THE AIR PASSES THROUGH THE EVAPORATIVE COOLING MEDIA, HEAT IS ABSORBED THROUGH NATURAL EVAPORATION. Temperature of the air emitted is between 5°C and 15°C lower that the outdoor air. The machine has automatic control which minimises the need for maintenance and allows the unit to be adapted to many different applications.

A SUSTAINABLE SYSTEM. The BioCool air conditioning system is an economical, healthy and ecological way of cooling. This system allows the constant renewal of fresh air, improving interior air quality as it introduces clean and filtered air inside the space, evacuating bad odours, smoke and gases to the outside, allowing to maintain the open spaces.

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