Pneumofore UV SERIES Vacuum Pumps

Pneumofore’s legendary UV Series models currently installed in industrial plants worldwide evacuate a monstrous billion+ m3 each year.

Not only more reliably, but also more efficiently than any other vacuum pump. These pumps cover a wide vacuum range and offer single stage 250 to 6.480 m3/h [148 to 3816 cfm] with the residual pressure of 0,5 to 450 mbar(a) [29,90 to 16,62 inHg V]. Capacity and residual pressure are extended with multiple stage machines. The family of UV pumps includes several versions, described below, for a wide variety of applications.

Suction volumes from 250 m3/h to 6.480 m3/h (Single stage). 99,95% maximum vacuum degree [0,5 mbar(a) residual absolute pressure] with performance curves constant up to 95%.

Reduced electric energy consumption when compared to liquid ring pumps with same nominal capacity. Up to 70% savings on replacements.

“Plug and play” pumps, easy to install and integrate.

Air cooling through an aluminium radiator and a temperature controlled fan. Water-free cooling prevents problems related to limestone, ambient temperature and unstable vacuum degree.

Special aluminium alloy vanes provide active sealing, avoiding efficiency loss and minimizing cost of operation and maintenance.

“Closed-loop” lubrication circuit ensures negligible coolant consumption.

Filtower – clean air recirculation system

  • Best air quality in the workplace
  • Meet the statutory regulation in compliance with occupational exposure limits in production halls
  • Plug & Play: Position, connect electricity and compressed air — done!
  • Powerful and low-noise suction
  • Can be placed in the work area (no pipe installation)
  • Flexible deployment, easy to move with forklift or crane
  • Low operating costs due to cleanable permanent filter cartridges

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